Confessions of a health practitioner…

(For the record, the featured picture was chosen purely as it’s so bad it’s brilliant).

Some reading this will know me, or of me and many won’t but as a health practitioner this blog is set up to share discoveries on my professional journey and in some cases my personal one. So today to break the blog in I am going to share my current journey, smoking cessation.

I began smoking at the ripe age of 11, in a girl guides meeting in west London. 23 years later I have finally taken the leap and become a non smoker as promised to my son and myself. I had tried to stop previously but picked the most inappropriate times to do so but on this occasional there is no better time than now.
I am using Alan Carr’s “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking” and plain chewing gum. I have been reading this book for a while now (states not to stop while reading but I have – such rebel), and I am using chewing gum as I have never smoked and chewed gum at the same time.
So… cut to the chase, I’m five days in to my new freedom. Contrary to what people say about quitting, I am not anymore hungry then I was smoking, I have higher energy levels, my skin (bane of my life) has cleared up, my self esteem has magickally returned, my breathing has improved and I feel really good overall.

Please note: I’m not one to preach or anything of the sort but the things I am noticing I want to share because I wasn’t expecting them at all. Especially the self esteem part!
Growing up you find yourself trying to fit in. Now I was always a bit of an oddball (still am but in a lovely way) but grew up with family smoking heavily around me. This installed the belief that because my elders and peers were doing it, I would be accepted if I were to join them. Funnily enough it made no difference and did sod all for the self esteem other than creating more issues. I would then convince myself these issues were of benefit to me, nice touch of Stockholm syndrome there!

Now having started the clear out of this nicotine addiction I am actually seeing things much clearer than I have for years.

My lungs are currently having a spring clean but I am supporting the changes in my body with antioxidants and a nice alkaline diet.
Instead of the myth that quitting (its an addiction you don’t quit you escape) makes you want to eat more and lowers metabolism, I have more energy than before. Yes I can get the feeling of boredom (common side of addiction as my life is from boring at this moment with 13 dogs – see other blog haha!!) but I WANT to use this for exercise not for eating or smoking. Feels great!!

This is only day five and its made such a huge difference so far I plan to keep posting discoveries from my new freedom. I’m never going to tell people what to do, the choices are yours alone – however, I reserve the right to gloat.


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