Yep, sounds cocky but to be frank the details in this may bore the socks of those not working within the medical industry so felt it kinder to keep it blunt! If, however, you are prone to injury, suffer with chronic pain or inflammatory conditions you may find this interesting.

Working in the manual medical fields I get to meet a lot of patients, most of which sharing one factor: pain. This pain can cause or be caused by a multitude of issues (some of which I shall explore another time) but is also managed in various ways. One of these ways is the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).

Now chronic inflammation itself can be a precursor to numerous delights some of which being autoimmune others limiting and disabling but inflammation itself is natural process instigated by the body to heal damaged or irritated tissues. So the term “anti-inflammatory”in effect is against this process of tissue healing.

Having advised patients of avoiding the use of these for tissue injury related pain I felt it necessary to start digging into it a little more. This gem I found and is just one part of what will come together for a bigger literature review on this subject.
There is a downloadable pdf version attached. I would love to get both professional and personal opinions on this article as I do love a good debate!




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