Probably not the most professional of posts but as this is a blog its probably best I let some of my guard down and explain the title. Being an osteopath has been a breath of fresh air, each day at work completely different. I’m now that busy, I don’t have time to think about the stresses of my personal life while working. This has now become my sanctuary – living to work rather than the other way around. Might not be a healthy mindset but at this moment in time its the healthiest one I can have.

As you may be aware I’ve started a series on chronic stress and the effects, this is primarily due to personal experience and suffering from the effects of it over the past decade, if not longer.

My five years of studying was littered with stressors; councils making false allegations and ruining an entire year of my studying, poor relationships (both professional and personal) and the loss of both family and friends.

The thought that finishing my degree would lessen the stressors in my life was foolish of me – there were scores of vultures readily creating things I hadn’t signed up to and wasn’t prepared to deal with, both financially and psychologically. This “reality” of a working mother made it very hard to enjoy life at home as there is a constant reminder of what is expected of me with little regard given to my needs as a woman, a mother and a professional.

Having qualified in 2016 I have worked part-time from July last year in a lovely integrated health clinic. Today I was fully booked and learned I am one of the busiest Saturday practitioners this clinic has had. To hear this from another health professional reassures me that I am doing OK and inspires me to do more.

Earlier this week I was informed an offer of an ad-hoc position in Chessington is no longer available due to the specific demand for a cranial practitioner (a course I will be taking later this year). This isn’t my biggest stress of the year but instead of letting this worry me I made a choice to bide my time and wait until this year’s courses are completed before I look for other clinics. It would be lovely if I were able to apply this mindset to other stressors but I’m learning as I go.

Being fed up with the anxious mindset I now put most of my focus in to my work, booking new courses, researching effective techniques and reflecting on areas I find more challenging. Being able to focus on what I enjoy relieves me from thoughts of day to day pressures and I’m rewarded by seeing positive changes in my patients from doing so. I have also found great satisfaction in rebuilding the interior of my campervan. Woodwork isn’t “lady like” apparently but as I’m tactile it’s great to be able to use my hands to create something fun and useful. I find camping very soothing so hope to be finished by September this year. Would be helpful if I had a driving license but that isn’t a priority at the moment.

So in spite of various obstacles I am trying to use my energy to grow for myself, my family, my friends and my patients. Stress is a horrible condition and hopefully this post shows why I am able to relate to those who suffer with it and insight on how I’ve managed.

Have a great weekend!





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