This year was my second Furzedown Big Day out festival with my colleagues since starting there and as with last years festival the Furzedown community network did not disappoint!

The festival was set up to start at midday Saturday 17th of June, with live music, entertainment and a large number of stall for food, home-wares, games, artwork and of course osteopaths! By 1pm the festival started to get busy but the weather was intense, so despite seeing many new faces as well as patients and their families, people settled to watch the live music a lot earlier than they had the year before.

This year, Streatham Osteopath’s stall had myself, Alan Coles and our new associate Justin Owens, being super professional (aside from the helium balloons obviously) and social with the local community. I was really taken back by having one of my patients give me a shoulder massage, something I can honestly say I haven’t had for a long time so loved! We were also very impressed with feedback given by relatives of our patients, it makes the job worthwhile to know that the efforts are appreciated AND knowing you have helped someone in doing so.

The heat prevented me from trying out the foods this year (the only thing which seemed reasonable was ice cream, it was that hot!) but given the early settling of the crowds we all got to pack up and relax with the live music before the day finished.

Having been here for one year now I am very impressed with the Furzedown Community. The manner in which people work together here sets a fine example for the rest of London.



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