I know, I have been quiet but I have had good reason to be… studying!

Earlier this month I took part in two courses in London; the first being the introductory module for cranial osteopathy with the SCCO, the second being a course in medical acupuncture with OMT Training.

As the cranial osteopathy course was foundation I plan to complete the second module in 2018. This gave me a completely new perspective on physiology but I won’t be blogging much about it until I know more!

Medical acupuncture, also known as dry needling is an adaptation of Eastern acupuncture which focuses on musculoskeletal complaints such as trigger points, myofascial restrictions and muscular pain. By using fine sterile needles, the practitioner is able to trigger an involuntary contraction otherwise known as a local twitch response (LTR) in the associated muscle. This causes the muscles tissues to relax, relieving the painful symptoms.
Having been treated during the course, I can say from personal experience that the practice can be a little uncomfortable, especially when treating a trigger point but the feeling is similar to a light scratch. The effect from this treatment is incredible and my shoulders felt amazing and relaxed afterwards! I have also continued using this method to treat my wrist extensor muscles as they become tight and painful after a week of working.

Would I recommend this type of therapy? Yes, very much so BUT I would advise consulting your GP prior to any new form of treatment, as with all forms of therapy there are side effects and contraindications.

Appointments for osteopathy and medical acupuncture are available on Fridays and Saturdays, too book please use the details shown on my contact page.





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