I’ve been a little quite lately but with good reason. My family and I moved to Dorking and I have been looking at starting a new clinic in this area while continuing with my current days in Streatham and Croydon.

Yesterday I took a healthy plunge and joined the Anytime Fitness gym in Dorking (if you live near Dorking, they have a sale on!!). The staff there are lovely, feels like more of a community than you would expect in a gym so looking forward to training here.

The gym has also got a treatment room, thankfully double the size of some I have viewed! On that note I will be available for appointments here in the near future.

Theres more juicy stuff coming but you’ll have to watch this space until its confirmed. 

Last week I passed my first attempt at a practice driving test with huge thanks to my instructor Karen Mongey. This is a total game changer for me and will not only save me stress, time and money in comparison to the horrors of southern rail also means I will be available for home visits in the future. 

So lots of positive things happening at the end of a mad year. More updates coming soon but contact me for more information or to book an appointment.

Have a fab weekend!



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