I love my job. As with all types of work osteopath has its ups and downs but this line of work has rewards far more uplifting than any other industry I have worked in.  I think I’ve mentioned previously how its therapeutic but further to this the past month I have had such lovely recognition from patients and fab integrations with other professionals that my soppy heart is brimming!

For those unaware last month I passed my driving test. This was my first attempt at the ripe and somewhat terrified age of 35. I have had patients call the clinics as well as pop by in person to find out or congratulate me for this ever since. I’m not the best at recognising achievements but on this occasion I haven’t much choice. For this I am truly thankful to my patients for caring so much!

Having been in an uncomfortable situation clinically I decided to push myself and branch out, hence the recent opening of the clinic at Anytime Fitness in Dorking. Further to this I have started contacting local antenatal groups so that I will be able to give back to the community with something I am passionate about, happy pregnancy and labour. While putting talks together I realised it would be amazing if I could gather a list of professionals who also share this passion. As a result I have been blown away at how many good friends in the health and wellness industry are not only sharing my vision but have experience and love in the work they have done. I have had some beautiful and slightly feminist chats about current maternity servicea as well as the lack of information provided to expectant mums. From this I know I’m not on my own in trying to offer support to help improve the experience of pregnancy and child birth. Next year is looking really exciting! 

I’m going be a bit quiet on here until the new year so I wish you all a great Christmas and all the best for the coming year! 


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