Having been taught the beauty of reflection while studying, I’ve started to use this practice not only in clinic but in personal life too. Allowing me to look at the pros and cons of decisions, measure the outcomes and adjust accordingly to improve myself and my life.

2017 has been a hell of a year for many of us and like most of you I am planning for a better year in 2018.

Tonight will be a mental and spiritual purge from all the negative aspects I experienced in order to make room for more positive ones in the coming calendar year.

I had hoped this year would show more people waking up to the power of media manipulation. Most of all I had hoped that people would be more compassionate to fellow humans and animals alike.

Instead it seems the self serving aggression increased and while we all kept trying to make our way out of a political shit pit, we forgot that we aren’t the only ones in there.


2017 in a national nutshell…

(Bit of a reality check with the national hell from this past year so feel free to scroll to the conclusion if you are one of many who prefers “blissful ignorance”).

This isn’t very osteopathic but given my holistic perspective on life I still feel it is highly valid to add to this part. Community and psychosocial aspects are a significant and often underestimated part of our well being. The sense of community is being diminished by fear, aggression and self preservation. Empathy is no longer a norm and people are willfully accepting horrors imposed upon their neighbours while trying to survive.

There is something seriously wrong with our country (and world!) right now. As a woman and mother I am quite worried.

People across the UK are dying on the streets.

No arrests have been made for Grenfell. May’s controlled grief worked a treat and actual numbers of lives lost are still lied about while the district can now remove the charred building to make room for “affordable housing”. Many of those made homeless from the fire are STILL homeless and being ignored by the government and our cleverly distracted public (media manipulation 101).

Prince Harry is getting married to his latest squeeze and the royals want a yacht. Guess who pays for both?

MPs have had numerous pay rises this year and it is now common knowledge we pay for their mortgages while also paying for them to rent the homes out while staying in lavish hotels.

Further to this, it is deeply disturbing to see such insane cruelty to animals in the UK.  Behaving in such a disgustingly inhumane way solves nothing, as it is not directed at those attacking us. The ego is of no use when you need help so the increased abuse has no rhyme nor reason for anything outside of that.
I have started supporting animal welfare charity New Hope Animal Rescue. Rather than ask you to support them, I will ask that people look for local welfare charities that do hands on work to help abused and abandoned animals and either get involved (driving, fund raisers etc) or try and help them by sharing their work, doesn’t cost anything! Love always conquers.

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Luliana Tudos. As someone who used to drink in both the Dev and World’s End I know how tight the community is and such a loss can’t even be imagined let alone understood. What Julie went through is barbaric and I pray that the police pull their fingers out to find and punish those responsible to make up for their lack of interest in her search.

Many of us will be raising a glass for you all tonight.

So for 2018…

As much as the latter part was bleak, I have hope that in sharing this many will consider their own reflections so we can all adapt, improve and reclaim our humanity again in 2018.

I have made resolutions for 2018 and while most of these are indeed surrounding my personal life, I have already started looking at ways to help people with what I know from practice as well as research.

2017 has taught me:

  • it is better to surround yourself with people who share the same values
  • you cannot base your worth on the opinions of others
  • despite being an ‘evolved’ country we have much to learn on love, community, equality and fairness. If anything we have regressed and this ego sh*t needs to stop.

Instead of self preservation, ego, materialism, greed and aggression I will be practicing love. Love of myself, my life and my work.
Instead of focusing my happiness on external factors (opinions, trends, people, achievements, places – aka destination addiction) I will practice being in the present moment and appreciating all that 2018 sends to me whether good or bad.
Instead of investing my time and energy in to people pleasing I will invest them in areas which will help others, whether through health, education or support.

I will be writing articles for my website and various charities (will link on my facebook page when published).
I am also hoping to do free talks for both antenatal and postnatal groups in Surrey later this year. Seems this will be very challenging as so far have learned many of the groups have regulations which don’t allow talks on musculoskeletal health in pregnancy. Quite disappointing given how many women suffer with this, but I like a challenge!

I am also seriously considering writing for new graduates to warn them of some of the experiences I have endured this year. I have learned first hand about graduate exploitation, professional misconduct and sexism, all in an industry that is supposed to be about helping others. I am also aware that many other graduates have experienced similar so I hope through sharing I may be able to prevent others going though the same.

I would love to hear your plans for the next year but as 2017 has been such an overhaul on our lives I can completely understand that many of them will be too personal to share in public. Regardless, those that are shared will be welcomed.

On that note I wish you all well for the 2017 purge and all the best for the coming calendar year.








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