Having been terrified of dentists for a large part of my life I was very reluctant to find a dentist for a recent tooth issue (caused by another dentists poor treatment).
As a result I began to ask around for recommendations of dentists instead of assuming they are all the same (hoping to not be more distressed from suggested practitioners) and asked about the type of work done, how they dealt with nervous patients (yes, I do get nervous! ) and anything else I could think of that was relevant to what I was worried about. Further to this, I researched the suggested dentist and looked at the testimonials and feedback given to see how other people had felt about their treatment.

With osteopathy, many don’t know it even exists let alone what it can treat (lots assume it’s just backs) and are completely unaware of how effective osteopathy can be for that and many other presentations.

If you were suffering with back pain would you just pick a random person from a directory without knowing if they could help? I sure wouldn’t! This is why it is helpful when patients give us feedback, not just for us (to reflect on and improve our practice) but to help people with similar problems see how osteopathy has (or hasn’t!) helped others!

I encourage both patients and practitioners alike to consider this. All feedback whether good or bad is helpful to both practitioners and patients so if you feel a treatment has helped you, let the world know!



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